We would like to answer your common questions about getting started on your website.  Click here to read more information before reviewing the FAQs.

What’s the first thing that I need to think about if I want to have a website?

This is the time to think about who your online internet customers or users will be and what type of information, products, or services they will be looking for.

What should I call my website?

Think of a website name as analogous to the address for a house.  People will be looking for you/your business. Our job is to help you find a domain name that is easy or fairly easy to remember and relates to your business, product, or organization.  It is best to use a unique name, however, sometimes they are already taken.  In that case, we will locate a domain for a good price that is available.

Who will maintain my website after it is developed?

We look at each website customer based upon their staff/team's level of knowledge, comfort, and potential to maintain the site.  Some companies and organizations have people on-site that can update the website and we will touch base with them to review what's needed and make sure they have administrative access.  However, some customers prefer to have the Elite Web Design Team maintain and update their website.